Are you a procrastinator too?

procrastinationI started reading a book to inspire myself to get off my ass and do something — tick another book off my reading list, finish writing the story I started working on (I am a reporter, I do it for a living), exercise every day, eat better and cook that meal on time.

(I like this blog… have a look)

And, what did I do? Well, I watched Grey’s Anatomy (hey, all the seasons are now available on Amazon Prime and it is extremely entertaining to watch Meredith fall for McDreamy, fight with him, patch up, fight again… I could go on and on. There are 13 seasons!) Continue reading


3… 2… 1 … Procrastinate!


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I could have been as rich as Bill Gates or as famous as Beyonce or as intelligent as Terence Tao (I swear I did not google the most intelligent person on Earth). I could have been if only I put in a little more effort.

I am a procrastinator. If something can be done tomorrow, I will do it day after. I get an adrenaline rush when I submit my assignment just a minute before the deadline. And, no it wasn’t a lengthy assignment, I was just busy binge watching some show probably. Or even reading a history textbook (unless, it was a history assignment, in that case, I would go for the physics book probably.)

Instead of getting up and going for a jog, I spend hours procrastinating watching videos on how not to procrastinate (I really need to find a synonym. This text is procrastination heavy). Continue reading