Are you eating too much or too little?


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My doctor told me I have an eating disorder. She said, whenever I am sad or anxious, I overeat. I paid her R 2,000 to tell me something I already knew. If I opened a packet of chips or other snacks, I finished it, even if I was full to the point where I knew I would puke. (This had nothing to do with Lays’ tagline ‘No one can eat just one’)

But she did not know was that I had been to the other extreme as well.

I was 17. My friends used to ‘jokingly’ call me an elephant. I used to think that I was the ugly duckling who would never grow up to become the swan. I was a fairly good student — I was top of my class, I participated and won debate competitions and dance competitions, and yet nothing mattered. I could never look at myself lovingly.

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Love thyself, it’s magical!


A peek of the snow-peaked mountains from my favourite cafe at McLeodganj.

So, I told you all about how I planned a trip with my girlfriends. The key word here is ‘planned’. I actually did the bus bookings and the hotel bookings for the first time before a trip.

However, being the procrastinator that I am, I miserably failed to deliver on my promise of updating my blog immediately after I came back. In fact, it has been more than a month and I have done another work-cum-leisure trip in between.

So, today I decided to drag my lazy ass to my laptop and finally post an update. (And, it took a hell of a lot of convincing by the Bawse Lilly Singh aka Superwoman – if you don’t know her, you need to spend more time on YouTube – for me to be able to sit up after a busy day at work and pour my heart out.)

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