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My body, my rules

Working out
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“Oh my god, you have lost so much weight. You look amazing.” You might think this is an innocuous comment made to a friend you are meeting after a long time. It might seem like something you just say. You might be complementing the hard work they put in in working out and dieting to get there.

Comments like these come naturally to us. Comments like these are so entrenched in our conversations that we never stop to think what it perpetuates.

Why is getting thin akin to looking good? And, does the obsession with getting thin justify the means? Comments like these are the reason people starve themselves. Comments like these are the reason why people have such a negative body image.

I do too. I can tell you in great detail the parts of my body I hate. When I look into the mirror, I do not look at myself as a whole person. Instead, I focus on the protruding belly, the fat arms, and literally the chubby cheeks. Continue reading “My body, my rules”

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My experiment with my body: An update

Working outI want to be fit. And, strong. This is my experiment with my body.

I have written about how I started working out and maintaining a healthy diet again after a hiatus of so many years. You can read about my previous updates here and here.

So, lets get back to my quick update. Three months ago, I was gloating about the five kilos that I had dropped since I started working out. (Here are some apps and websites I like to refer to)

I was ecstatic, my double chin was gone, and my tummy did not show as much in the dresses. I looked good and I felt better. I was upbeat and lively. Continue reading “My experiment with my body: An update”

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The weight loss game: quick update

As I had mentioned in my previous blog, I am trying to lose weight. Again.

It has been almost a month, so I thought it was time for a quick update. (Also, because I did not have any other ideas for a blog post and I do want to keep updating the blog regularly.)

So here goes….

I have not really been able to follow through with a strict workout schedule. (I always think it is because of my work, but maybe it is because I sleep late after watching Netflix. I got a new 43 inch TV, and it’s awesome!) Continue reading “The weight loss game: quick update”

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And, the weight loss game again

Elevated low section view of woman standing on weighing scales

Six years ago, I put on a backless dress for the first time and all I could think about was that I looked amazing. I had lost a ton of weight and my back look almost perfect.

I felt sexy. I could put on shorts and a skimpy top and not keep thinking about the flabs that might show.

(Yes, yes, I still felt conscious because others were slimmer or kept track of their meals better. But, now that I think of it, that was the time when I was the fittest. Dancing three to fours hours a day can do that to you!) Continue reading “And, the weight loss game again”

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Living on the scales


Elevated low section view of woman standing on weighing scales
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Last week I was down with the seasonal flu. And, the highlight was that I lost 4 kgs!

Yes, I watch my weight (and see the scales not moving an inch) every morning. I am very conscious about my body. And, there are reasons.

My weight is a public spectacle. Everyone feels comfortable walking up to me and telling me how I have gained a lot of weight in the last two years, or how they have tried a new diet that really seems to work or to simply tell me that I should avoid the samosas being served with the tea.

“You know the <insert any name> bhaiiya was telling me how you have put on a lot of weight. So, I thought I should tell you that you must work on losing it now,” my boss told me one day. This was without me inviting her to comment on my weight. She also suggested a diet that had worked for her. Continue reading “Living on the scales”

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Are you eating too much or too little?


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My doctor told me I have an eating disorder. She said, whenever I am sad or anxious, I overeat. I paid her R 2,000 to tell me something I already knew. If I opened a packet of chips or other snacks, I finished it, even if I was full to the point where I knew I would puke. (This had nothing to do with Lays’ tagline ‘No one can eat just one’)

But she did not know was that I had been to the other extreme as well.

I was 17. My friends used to ‘jokingly’ call me an elephant. I used to think that I was the ugly duckling who would never grow up to become the swan. I was a fairly good student — I was top of my class, I participated and won debate competitions and dance competitions, and yet nothing mattered. I could never look at myself lovingly.

I needed to lose weight, I decided. Continue reading “Are you eating too much or too little?”