The curse of the cow

Stay away from cows. That’s the one advice I give everyone.

They provide milk and manure. They look really innocent with their large, beautiful eyes. But if you are not careful around them, they will gore you. Or, topple your bike. Or, make you do a perfect summersault.

Even if they do it by mistake.

How can they not? After all, they are everywhere. And, the middle of a road seems to be the perfect spot for them to take a nap. And, the regulars, they become a landmark of sorts.

“So, you have to come straight from the red light, take the first left and then take a right from where you see a white cow sitting.” Oh, this has happened to me. Continue reading


Left Vs Right: I thought they were just directions!


New to college
Going to college. Image courtesy:

“This is a complete leftist ideology,” said one person in my class. To which the other replied, “these journalists are bourgeoise leftist. They want to sit in their air-conditioned office and talk about farmers committing suicide.”


And, I was sitting there nodding my head; I had no clue what leftist ideology was. And, what the fuck is a bourgeoisie? (Also, that’s not how I spelt the word in my head, duh.) Continue reading

The period bonding

“The thing that we eat when we are chumming,” said the girl I had met barely two hours ago. In response, I shouted, “chocolate.” We won the game of ‘Heads Up’ by a point.

Now, here’s the thing, in the 120 minutes that we had spent together not once did we discuss our menstrual habits or our love for chocolates. Yet, she was fairly certain that I would guess the word. That’s because, like the love for Leo DiCaprio, experiences that come with chumming are universal.

Girl, if you are 25 and above, you must have definitely these situations. Continue reading