3… 2… 1 … Procrastinate!


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I could have been as rich as Bill Gates or as famous as Beyonce or as intelligent as Terence Tao (I swear I did not google the most intelligent person on Earth). I could have been if only I put in a little more effort.

I am a procrastinator. If something can be done tomorrow, I will do it day after. I get an adrenaline rush when I submit my assignment just a minute before the deadline. And, no it wasn’t a lengthy assignment, I was just busy binge watching some show probably. Or even reading a history textbook (unless, it was a history assignment, in that case, I would go for the physics book probably.)

Instead of getting up and going for a jog, I spend hours procrastinating watching videos on how not to procrastinate (I really need to find a synonym. This text is procrastination heavy).

And on my “bad days”, it gets worse. I have spent days just sitting in front of my computer instead of doing my job, just because I know I can get away with it. I wait till it’s too late to set out.

Then comes the guilt. “You haven’t been giving your 100%. You do not deserve the appreciation you got from your boss yesterday because you know you have been sitting at home doing nothing,” I think to myself, pushing myself further down the spiral of depression.

Then, I came across a video. It said whenever you do not feel like doing something, but you know you probably should, count 3.. 2.. 1.. and then force yourself to get to work.

And for once I actually tried it out. It worked. After the first two days, it became like a habit and whenever I said 3.. 2.. 1.. in my head I started doing my work. It became my second nature. For two weeks.

After two weeks, I wanted to spend one morning in bed because, “Hey, I worked till really late last night so maybe I need to catch up on sleep and they do say that you shouldn’t be exercising if you are not properly rested. So, I guess I should rest.” I convinced myself of it.

And that was the first domino. Once it toppled, my brain realised I did not have to do anything if I did not want to, even if I counted 3.. 2.. 1..

So, all I learnt from that youtube video was “3.. 2.. 1.. here’s how you can procrastinate!”


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