I just decided to be happy

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You have to choose to be happy. Image Courtesy: https://pbs.twimg.com/

What does it take to be happy? This is a question many of us keep asking ourselves, especially the ones who are trapped in a cycle of dark thoughts within the mind.

Is it love? If so, then the first step is to define love. What do we need from our partner? What are we willing to give to the relationship? What sacrifices are we ready to make? Will we be able to make them as happy as they make us?

Or, does the answer lie in success? If so, what is that goal that will make us feel that we have succeeded in life? Do we want to be known long after we are gone? Do we need appreciation from our peers? Or, does validation from our parents define success for us?

Would unlimited shopping make us happy? Then we must dream of a scenario where we end up with a credit card that has no credit limit and on which the billing address is someone else’.

What does it take to be happy?

It just takes a decision. The decision to be happy.

I have always blamed my fate, my roommate, or my friends for my days not turning out as I had envisioned them. However, today, I decided to take control.

I like waking up in the morning, but I hit the snooze button today, turned around and closed my eyes. “Just five more minutes,” I thought to myself. I woke up after two hours.

I woke up with a start, looked at the clock and thought, “There it goes again. Another one of my day off wasted. I can see it spiralling out of control and I definitely would not be able to do all that I had planned.”

I wanted to go out and have breakfast, but I had chores to do before that — sweep and mop the house, fold my clothes and arrange my cupboard, clean the bathroom, and most importantly, exercise (yes, I tend to see it as a chore. I might not enjoy doing it, but it has to be done).

But, then I took control of my thoughts. I told myself, today I will do everything I want to.

So, I prioritised. I skipped the cleaning as I knew I could do it in the evening after coming back. I did my daily exercise, took a shower, dressed and left the house, without procrastinating.

I had an amazing breakfast. And, while at it, I also connected with my friends and read my book. Then, I thought of going to a church, which was two metro stops away. (I am not a Christian, but I go to a church to pray whenever I am extremely sad or happy.)

The church was closed. Tragedy. I was about to give up and have a meltdown. But I thought to myself, “Okay, so this church is closed. Doesn’t matter. There has to be another one in the city which will be open.” And on my second try, I hit the jackpot — I found a quaint little church very close to my home. (Meaning, I can go there every Sunday if I like.)

I then went to a flower nursery and bought the plants that I have been meaning to buy for more than a month.

I came home, did all my chores. Then, I made movie plans and went for it.

I got so much done. Even when the first thought that I had had in the morning was that I would have a meltdown and spend the entire day at home doing nothing.

So, now you know, to be happy, you just have to decide to be happy!


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