I just decided to be happy

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You have to choose to be happy. Image Courtesy: https://pbs.twimg.com/

What does it take to be happy? This is a question many of us keep asking ourselves, especially the ones who are trapped in a cycle of dark thoughts within the mind.

Is it love? If so, then the first step is to define love. What do we need from our partner? What are we willing to give to the relationship? What sacrifices are we ready to make? Will we be able to make them as happy as they make us?

Or, does the answer lie in success? If so, what is that goal that will make us feel that we have succeeded in life? Do we want to be known long after we are gone? Do we need appreciation from our peers? Or, does validation from our parents define success for us? Continue reading


Always Keep Fighting #AKF

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Image Courtesy: http://orig11.deviantart.net

“@jarpad Thanks. When leaning off the fourth-floor balcony seemed easier than holding on, I reminded myself #AKF,” I had tweeted on a lonely night.

To which, someone I did not know replied, “Hey, that’s a scary thought to have. Have you talked to anybody about this? I’m happy you’re still here but I’m worried about you #akf”

Someone I have never met or known of cared about what was going on in my head.

The only thing bringing us together was a television series ‘Supernatural’. Jared Padalecki, the lead actor of the show, started the ‘Always Keep Fighting’ campaign in 2015 after he came out about his struggles with depression. Continue reading

A recipe for disaster

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Will I ever get married? Will I ever be able to give it all to a person?

Whenever I ask myself these questions, the answer that comes to mind is ‘No’. And, it is not for the lack of trying.

I have had three long-term relations, where the men used to dote on me and take care of me (most of the times anyway), even though I was never able to articulate what I wanted or needed from the relationship. And, one day, just like that, something in me would snap and I would stop looking at them lovingly. Then, it was a downhill journey.

Of the three, I cheated on two because I did not have the courage to go up to them and say ‘I think this is over’. And even after my transgressions, the both loved me so much that they were willing to take me back. But, I did not feel loved, I felt stuck. Continue reading

A cup of coffee and my laptop @ Bengaluru


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The moment I stepped out of the airport, I felt a cool breeze blowing through my hair; and even though the day was sunny; I could hardly feel the heat. I was wearing a blazer and cruising through Bangalore. (Or Bengaluru, as it is now called.) In Delhi, I had left my house at 04:00 in the morning and by the time I boarded the flight at 06:30, I was sweating. And, I was in a sleeve-less t-shirt! Continue reading

Make your own decisions…


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It is important to take decisions. Even if it is something as trivial as choosing whether you want tender coconut or papaya-pineapple ice-cream. (People from Mumbai, Pune and Delhi will immediately know which ice-cream parlour I am talking about: p) BTW, it’s tender coconut, it’s always tender coconut.  Continue reading