The long walk home


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Delhi. That’s the city I have been calling home for the last two years. But, I have never experienced its beauty like I did today. So, what was different about today?
Well, here’s the story.
She woke up, as usual, did some exercise (not so usual), had her breakfast, and left for work. A truly unremarkable day. Till about 8 pm.
I had finished my work early, had grabbed some dinner (Chicken sandwich. Yes, I indulged.), and had stepped out to hail a cab. That’s when I thought maybe I should walk a little.
I can always call an Uber from two traffic signals over, I thought.
But, once I started, I never stopped.
I walked the distance of a little over 6 km from my office in Connaught Place to my home in Jangpura.
Now, walking home may seem like a fairly normal thing to do in UK or US, but in Delhi, it is usually avoided for the fear of being run over by a Mercedes.
But, I took the risk. (Although, I have to admit that twice I felt like I would be hit by a speeding motorcycle. Thankfully, I reached home in one piece.)
And, my-my, the things that I saw.
There were so many little things on the way, which I had never noticed during the cab rides home.
For example, the trees near India Gate draped in fairy lights and orange lamps. The Rang De Basanti moment, when you pass by the Amar Jawan Jyoti. (The patriot in me wanted to salute, but the rationalist stopped me. Hey, people will think you are nuts. Anyway, you have been merrily hopping around on the pavement.)

And, did you know that the plants on the sides of Lodhi Road flyover have these extremely sweet smelling flowers? We never roll down our car windows to take it in.
On the way, I even spotted a small, tranquil Radha-Krishna mandir. I had never seen it before, so I just entered the compound and sat underneath a tree.

And, the beautiful house that I caught a glimpse of from between the trees. The porch looked like a set-up from a typical architecture magazine, with two cane chairs and a coffee table, a swing and three pretty lamps. It’s a shame that people take a leak right outside the compound wall.
Yes, it took me an hour and a half to complete the journey that takes only about 15 minutes in a cab. But, it was totally worth it. (And, I had burnt enough calories so I would not feel guilty at all about the refreshing sugarcane juice.)


Long walk home
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Today I realised, the best way to appreciate the beauty of the city is to take a long walk, with your favourite music. It takes you away from the hustle-bustle even though you are on the same route home.



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