Planning the trip

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Are you one of the spontaneous ones? People who just hop onto a bus with their backpacks for their vacation, give me a shoutout.

That’s how I used to travel for my vacations. It’s another matter that I had friends who were much older than I was and consequently earned more. They never asked me for the money because I was then a student. So, I never thought of that, when it came to vacations.

However, now, I have to pay for my trips and I travel in groups where each of us earn as little. So, planning is an important component. We need the cheapest tickets and the cheapest (but not shady) hotels.

And, of course we need to save some money for booze or weed. So… planning.

Now, as averse I am to planning, it started irritating me when my ex- and now my current roommate (I know, its weird. But, we’re trying to work things out), had to “plan” a trip to Goa, the Indian Amsterdam I guess. (Disclaimer: I have never been to Amsterdam, so I never know. But, people in India go to Goa to PARTY and it has its fair share of raves.)

However, if you are like me, you would like the quieter South Goa, where you can spend your evenings at the beach and travel through the beautiful forests by the day.

Anyway, the planning put me off so much, that we ended up breaking up at a scenic beach, while watching the sunset. (Trust me, the planning bit was not the sole reason, but it is ironic that I broke up with anyone at such a sceinic place. I mean, I could’ve waited till we came back to our polluted city.)

Anyway, as a roommate, he taught me a couple of things. Now, I can plan my own trips!!

And, this week I am very excited about a “planned” all-girls trip that I am going for. We are going to an amazing hill station, which is again famous for its weed. (I will stay away from it đŸ˜‰

I will come back and let you know whether I break up with one of my girl friends :p


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