The long walk home


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Delhi. That’s the city I have been calling home for the last two years. But, I have never experienced its beauty like I did today. So, what was different about today?
Well, here’s the story.
She woke up, as usual, did some exercise (not so usual), had her breakfast, and left for work. A truly unremarkable day. Till about 8 pm. Continue reading


Planning the trip

Two chairs on the tropical beach
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Are you one of the spontaneous ones? People who just hop onto a bus with their backpacks for their vacation, give me a shoutout.

That’s how I used to travel for my vacations. It’s another matter that I had friends who were much older than I was and consequently earned more. They never asked me for the money because I was then a student. So, I never thought of that, when it came to vacations. Continue reading

Is someone reading this?

“I do not want to be an engineer,” was my answer when my mom asked me what I wanted to be. I had no knowledge or resource material to help me figure out what I wanted to be.

Everyone around was giving their AIEEE exam in the hope of becoming an engineer and earning one hell of a living. Some of them work as call-centre executives now.

Recently, India’s Human Resource Development minister said that only 40% engineering graduates get placements, and I bet I wouldn’t have been one of them had I completed my engineering course. Continue reading