Sex in the City

The one night stand…

The body, the heart, or the mind? (Image Courtesy:

This is the story of how the girl discovered her sexuality in that one night. The same night she lost all respect for herself. The same night she termed herself as a slut.

I have made a passing reference to this story in my post about moving From “This tastes like medicine” to “Whiskey on the rocks, please”

Yes, the girl had been drinking in a car-o-bar (in a boot of a car parked at the guys’ house) with her best friend and two guys, friends of a friend, she had written in the previous post. Truth: They were friends of her the-then boyfriend, the guy she had liked from a far because she loved the way he moved on the dance floor.

She had been dating him for a month. Of the one month, he had spent two weeks at his parents’ place, the three nights they were on the same bed, they had not made out, and before she could even taste his lips, he flew to England for his work.

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