Helping the poor for a living? Sounds good!

When you live in a small town, there are areas that your parents tell you to avoid because there are beggars, addicts and sex workers there. So, you religiously take the second left turn to avoid those dark patches, without asking you parents the reason for doing so. In ignoring the place, you also ignore the lives of the people living there.

It was only after the girl travelled to the city that she came to know what social work was. She met people who made a career out of helping other. *You can help others and get paid for it?*

So, she thought, why not?

She applied for her very first internship at a community based organisation in the city which actor Amitabh Bachchan described so elegantly — “Rikshon ka, tramon ka, coffee house ki shamon ka shehar; parivartan ke prayas ka, kalibari ke vishwas ka, rasgulle ki mithas ka, phuchke ke teekhe ehsaas ka shehar; Football ki uchal ka, boubazaar ke bhuchaal ka, adde ki behas ka, siyasat ki tehas-nehas ka shehar.” Continue reading