On the go, please

Disclaimer: The post is not about my coffee habits.

[Pre script (If that is a thing): The five previous posts have been from my past. But, for this one I decided to jump the timeline. Now, the girl has already lived in three metropolitan cities and she is a reporter working with a national daily. How cool, right? Actually, it just sounds fancy.

When you are actually a journalist, the truly good stories are difficult to come by. They do, once in a while. But, for the rest of the days you end up churning copies from press releases and going to events and socialising with sources in the hope that you will land a good story. Anyhow, lets continue with the post.]

The girl has transformed every bit into her city counterpart. She watches her weight, puts on the red lipstick and the red nail-paint and doesn’t wear anything other than amante or enamor bras (that’s the best you can get with the meagre pay of a journo).

She drinks the cheap booze with friends to cut corners and sips the expensive red wines when she is invited to parties. (You gotta learn how to be economical.)

But, the sure sign that she has truly made a metropolis her home – Well, she tries to as many things as she can while travelling! It takes hours, literally, to commute from one end of the city to the other, so, why waste the time?

She talks to her sources on the metro.

“Hello sir, the police told me that your son passed away two days ago? Did you get the autopsy report yet? What does it say?” *Phone is disconnected*

And the thoughts of rest of the people on the metro coach vary from “Duh, what did you expect?” to “Oh my god, you did not really ask that question!” But, I have. And, more often than not in a train full of people.

I have had weirder conversations still.

“Oh, so you are saying that anytime people have an itch in their vagina, they need to go to a doctor and not apply anything on their own. Okay I got that. Thank you, doctor.”

As soon as I disconnect the call, the woman sitting next to me asks, “You know, last week I had sex with a man, not my husband. Since then my vagina has been itching. What should I do?”

“Erm… I am not a doctor. Please visit one if you have been uncomfortable in your nether regions.” Also, I am pretty sure you just let me know that you are a cheater. Thank you for volunteering information I did not really want.

She reads her books while travelling on the bus, train or the air-conditioned metro.

readin gon the go
Don’t waste the one hour you sit in the train for your daily commute. Read.

The girl has always been fond of books. When she was in the college, she would visit a bookstore whenever she was sad, angry or ecstatic. She would sit in the aisles and read the books, till she was thrown out for never buying a book.

Book fairs, online orders, subscriptions at shady libraries – she has done it all for the love of a book.

But, these books started piling up on a shelf after she started working. She would never have enough time. After a tiring day at work, she only had the strength to switch to ‘Romedy Now’ and lap up on the ‘boy-meets-girl-then-there-is-a-controversy-and-they-finally-fall-in-love’ kind of movies.

Then, she realised why so many people had moved to kindle. Physical books are heavy and difficult to carry during field reporting, but a kindle is not. However, she is not a total sell out, so, now he reads a book on kindle while travelling and a paperback as soon as she is home.

And, yes. She writes her blogs on the go too.



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