On the go, please

Disclaimer: The post is not about my coffee habits.

[Pre script (If that is a thing): The five previous posts have been from my past. But, for this one I decided to jump the timeline. Now, the girl has already lived in three metropolitan cities and she is a reporter working with a national daily. How cool, right? Actually, it just sounds fancy.

When you are actually a journalist, the truly good stories are difficult to come by. They do, once in a while. But, for the rest of the days you end up churning copies from press releases and going to events and socialising with sources in the hope that you will land a good story. Anyhow, lets continue with the post.]

The girl has transformed every bit into her city counterpart. She watches her weight, puts on the red lipstick and the red nail-paint and doesn’t wear anything other than amante or enamor bras (that’s the best you can get with the meagre pay of a journo). Continue reading