Every writer needs a thinking pot

Journalism — that is the exotic course the girl travelled to the city for. And, when you are studying to be a journalist, you have to be a good writer, that is a given. So, the girl thought that she could do prose, poetry and everything in between.

Any situation you got, Calvin and Hobbes will have a quote or two for you!

But, you know, there is this thing called the ‘writer’s block’. The girl faced it all the time. The brilliant lines that she would think of in her head would simply evaporate into nothingness every time she picked up her pen.

Every time, unless…

Unless, of course, if she was on her “thinking pot”. No, that is the right spelling, I did not miss out the ‘s’ from spot.

She thought up the best lines when she was on the pot every morning, doing her business.So, she decided to dedicate a — whatever — to the the one place that never failed her.

Here goes:

I don’t know whether it was poetry, a rhyme, a prose or something midway…

I just know it beautifully conveyed what I had to say…

Again I started writing after a very long time…

This time it was really hard to make anything rhyme…

Then I understood what was missing from the process…

It was my not hiding in my safe recess…

Every time I had to write something I would go there…

My first words never came from elsewhere…

Whatever I write this time I would dedicate to,

My thinking haven, my wonderful loo!!!


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