Valentine week through the years…

And, the valentine week is here. You know, the week where each day you have to do something to prove your love for the special one? Well, here is how I have experienced these seven days through the twenty-four years of my life…

Rose Day:

While celebrating rose day in school, everyone had to give a yellow rose to their best friend (or, friends in my case). The one with the red rose was something that happened only in Salman Khan-movies, not in the corridors of a small town-all girls’ school. Continue reading


The Beatles??? You mean the bug, right?


The Beatles
The Beatles – Abbey Road

Engineering was too mainstream for me, so, I chose to be a journalist. Problem was, there were no journalism courses in my city as it was too extraordinary a field.

So, a 24-hour train ride later, I reached the “big” city, where a college was ready to extort a huge sum of money from my parents to teach me grammar and newsworthiness.

[Top 10 journalism colleges] Yes, my college is on the list. And, I thought of putting it here to help anyone who wants to join. But, trust me, the previous line is pretty much the summary of an honest review of these colleges.

The exceptionally high tuition also meant that most of my fellow students were from moneyed families and had the backup option of joining their father’s business. I, on the other hand, had to make it big. Continue reading