A huge city and a lonely girl – I am, of course, the girl and the city is a metropolis in India. I have very recently, only about two years ago, graduated to the status of a metropolitan girl.

I hail from a very small town and I was lost the moment I stepped out of the railway station into the vibrant city. It was not just the directions, no, it was also the thoughts, the culture and the beliefs. Everything was a stark contrast to what I had learnt since childhood.

What I thought to be a bad habit, they thought of as a means of empowerment of women. What I though was polite, they thought was my naivety. My world turned upside down.

Several lonely nights and many social accident later, I finally understood the haute couture girls. Now, finally after qualifying as the quintessential metropolitan girl (yes, in the cliched sense) I want look back at my journey of moving from a salwar-kameez to shorts and tank tops.

I want to delve deep into the concept of morality, which for me, has definitely transformed completely. I want to look at the so called ‘taboos’ which earlier bound me and which now I proudly speak about. The blog will be my journey through “sex, drugs and rock-n-roll”.

I hope this time I will be able to sustain the blog. As the saying goes – try, try, and try again until you succeed. This is my third attempt at blogging and I hope that I do not end up deleting it a few months from now.

Please do send in your feedback at anonymousgirl2391@gmail.com and help me keep going. Share your experiences too.